Fantasy Football trade help?

I'm in a standard 12 person ESPN league

This is my team

QB: A Rodgers

RB: D Murray

RB: S Ridley

WR: A Green

WR: R Cobb

TE: J Cameron

FLEX: D Richardson

DEF: Rams

K: M Prater


WR: E Decker

WR: C Shorts

WR: V Brown

TE: H Miller

TE: O Daniels

QB: R Tannehill

RB: R Hillman

I'm pretty stacked on my TE and WR, especially once Miller comes back. Anyway, the trade proposed to me is Ray Rice for James Cameron and Daryl Richardson. I'm inclined to accept this for a couple of reasons. First, Cameron isn't proven at all yet. He's also the number one target in Cleveland which will mean he'll be on every defense's radar. Not sure how a young gun is going to respond to that. Secondly, Richardson is pretty consistent but no where near as talented as Rice. So, I'm upgrading my RBs at a small cost to my TEs. I mean once Miller comes back how much am I really gonna play Cameron anyway?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Hurry up and make thus trade before the idiot comes to his senses. For a 12 team league you will be loaded at rb. And Owen Daniels I'd s hell of a tight end

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