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Erich asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 6 years ago

Start Colin Kaepernick or Michael Vick for week 2?

Kaepernick is playing at Seattle so I'm leaning Vick here. Thoughts? I'm might try to trade Vick this week but if I don't who would you start?


We get 1 point every 15 passing yards and 6 points per passing TD

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  • 6 years ago
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    It is a tough choice because Kaep faces a dominant defense away from home, and vick looked good last week rushing for a touchdown and throwing two more. Vick faces the chargers at home. I would say Vick has more upside, but Kaep is the safer choice. With philly rushing the ball so much there is the potential that vick loses some of his touchdown potential to Lesean McCoy.

    Start Kaep. If you have lesean McCoy in your lineup start vick.

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  • 6 years ago

    kaep, he tore up green bay who has a good defense, he will do good against any oppenent

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