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How can I close my mail account?

I want to close my yahoo mail account.

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    Closing your Yahoo account

    Visit the Account Termination page.

    Enter the Yahoo ID and password for the account you're deleting.

    - If you've forgotten your password, use the Yahoo Password Helper.

    Read through the information on the Account Termination page.

    Confirm your password in the field provided.

    Enter the CAPTCHA code.

    Click Terminate this Account.

    Note: If you must close your account, we recommend doing so on a desktop or laptop computer the web browsers on some mobile devices may not load all pages properly.

    Remember: You cannot delete a single Yahoo product -- You will lose access, data, and settings for all Yahoo ID associated with the closed account – This includes all messages in Yahoo Mail and any personalization made in Yahoo Mobile, and any other area of Yahoo which can only be accessed with your Yahoo ID and password.

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