Background search of person in Russia?

How can I find our more information about a girl I am speaking to in Russia. I have met her before so i know she is real, but she was never really upfront about a lot of things about herself. Now she is back there and I really want to make sure she is not married, or has something to hide. I have her information if someone can help me. She says she lives alone and in a flat, but I dont know if anything is true anymore. I know i can get a background check but the website that offers it can charge up to 1000 USD. if anyone on her currently lives in Russia and can help me it would be greatly appreciated! This way before I get too involved I know the truth

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    6 years ago
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    Yeah. Russia is not America. It's not so easy to find much info about somebody, as it here.

    But, it is not impossible at all.

    First, yes, you can hire some lawyer or detective, but it will cost you at least grand of bucks for sure. Nothing illegal here, for hiring a detective. There are number of such companies in every Russian town. But, most of them will not give you any guarantees about reliability of their information which they sell to you. So, **** 'em :)

    Better, do investigation yourself. If you have her name, address, and photo(s), just go and check three major Russian internet social networks:,, and Create accounts for you self on these sites, and put in your information about this "girl" in the search lines... Also do the same in search lines of, and Try find here in the same way on her regional web-forum sites.. And yes, don't forget, and too!

    And I'm pretty much sure, you finally will find something very interesting about her.

    Good Luck!

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  • Oirdne
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    6 years ago

    There is no any "background check" in Russia. It is against Russian legislation and any people who say they will do it, have neither right to do it, nor legal methods.

    Legislation on security of personal data gives access to any types of personal information (place of residence, criminal records, financial data, marriage status etc...) only 1) for person these data belong to, 2) an appropriate government bodies or companies who storage these data who are obliged to protect access toward them under penalty, 2) police by decision of the court.

    So, sorry, you cannot make any check, unless you want to contribute into illegal practices: corruption/bribes/etc...

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago


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  • 6 years ago

    Will be better to find her in social net and try to get acquainted under the pseudonym and get information by yourself during the conversation.

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