Upcoming actor. and i need some advice?

Im am upcoming actor?

I am an upcoming actor and I have a question?I am planning on taking a trip to either Atlanta, GA, L.A. , or New York . Which place would be good for me to go to , to pursue my acting career ?? I am going for a week. I need some connects on where to go and who.to see .any castings agents I need some help.

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    8 years ago
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    Going somewhere for a week isn't going to help your career in anyway unless you set up meetings ahead of time. Talent agents are busy finding work for their clients. Casting directors are busy casting shows. They're not going to drop things to meet with a wannabe actor.

    If you're trying to figure out where to move for your career, then when you visit focus on more practical matters - finding a place to live, a job to support yourself while you work on your career. You can check into acting classes/programs in the areas. You'll want something with well-respected instructors and a good reputation in the industry which means you'll have to network and start to get to know people in the area. Maybe try connecting with other actors in the area through online communities to get a better idea of how the industry is in each of the cities.

    You also need to have a plan for your career - exactly how are you going to go about building your career? You want to start in commercials? theater? Get advanced training with a good acting program? Maybe work to join Equity first and then move to SAG-AFTRA? Make a name and build a good reputation in student/independent films? What type of professional work is available in each of the cities that you think you could actually get? How do you plan to market yourself and your skills to get auditions?

    You'll have a better chance of success if you approach your acting career like a business and not a lottery. Research the industry so you know the casting process, who the players are, what they do (and don't do). Read industry trades and websites like backstage.com. Read books about the business and how to manage an acting career. That can help you figure out your next step.

    Good luck.

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    Before even considering looking for work in any of these areas you really need to investigate the work opportunities there. Networking ability and knowledge is essential for all aspiring actors. One week will not help you. Agents want you to live in close proximity and will not normally consider someone from out of area.

    It would be unwise to underestimate the level of training and skill expected by reputable agents. Most of the places you mention will have an abundance of fully trained and experienced people who will consider any acting work. Unless your talent, training and experience is exceptional it would make sense to do a lot of research regarding work opportunities and to find out how marketable your skills are before visiting.

    Do you have great training, experience, headshots and resume? Do you understand the business of acting and can you effectively market your skills? Reputable agents have no need to consider semi skilled, passionate, highly motivated young people. They can pick and choose from acting school graduates and those with extensive experience. If you are just hopeful and waiting to be "discovered" you are definitely at risk of disappointment. The income of agents is dependant on your marketability. They do not have the time and resources to even consider semi or unskilled actors. Harsh, but true.

    Knowledge and research regarding the market in these areas is essential if you are serious about pursuing acting as a career. Best of luck with your plans.

    Source(s): Daughter studies full time at well known acting school.
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    Going anywhere for just a week - or even a month - isn't going to be of any use at all.

    To become an actor you'd need to have been training at an accredited acting school for several years and have had a lot of stage experience.

    If you've done that, you should approach agents near where you live by sending them your resume and headshot - if they're interested, they'll invite you in for an interview or audition. But you can't just call at their offices - they hate that.

    And you would have to be living permanently near their offices, which would be near TV or movie studios.

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