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I've almost lost all faith in modern society?

All you see nowadays are our youth being corrupted by influences of the media. All the kids saying, "swag" and "yolo." All the beliebers with HORRID grammar. Just horrid grammar in general. Everywhere you go people try to act "gangsta." and people are moronic. Nobody has good morals anymore. Our world is filled with profanity and vulgarity spread through the media. I'm 14 and I feel this way. Is there anybody out there who shares my pain?

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    I feel the same way as you do. I'm 14 and in 10th grade and I am surrounded by people who don't have their own opinions. They are formed by the media and they become the majority and every teenager starts getting classified as a moron. I know some people with horrible grammar that tell me that they write bad because it's "cute" or "fun". I don't understand this generation but I have a feeling life will continue with the majority being influenced by the media and other things they "need" to do to be "normal".

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  • 7 years ago

    Sadly enough, it's life. I see it too, and I hate it, but you're going to have to live with it sooner or later. Modern society is pretty sad these days, pathetic.

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