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I was asked to explain the Big Bang theory in school and show evidence that it is true?

I wrote on the paper I am unable to answer this question because it is against my religon. I'm a Christian. Is that in my rights to say that? I'm 14 in high school. And if you say dumb stuff or are hateful against me or my religon go use youre time in a more productive manner rather than bashing people on the Internet.


You don't believe me idc I'm telling the truth they said give two reasons supporting the Big Bang theory. And to the ignorant idiots the bible teaches creationism which means god made everything.

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    There are dozens of creation stories, and the Christian story is just one of them. See the last link. If you had been raised believing in one of those other stories, would you cling to it (while rejecting the Christian story)?

    For thousands of years, people have said that their gods were behind what they didn't understand -- life, morality, lightning, stars, earthquakes, the origin of life, the world or the universe, etc. Positing a god to supposedly answer a question solves nothing. It's just lazy thinking that adds an unwarranted level of complexity and stops you from asking more questions.

    It used to be that science couldn't answer the question about the origin of the universe or of the Big Bang, but that didn't mean we should make up an answer (such as a god) and say that it was the cause. Within the last few decades scientists have discovered some good answers. Of course, a scientific explanation is more complex than simply saying, "God did it."

    A scientific theory is a unifying concept that explains a large body of data. It is a hypothesis that has withstood the test of time and the challenge of opposing views. Modern physics explains the origin of the universe and the Big Bang, which is supported by extensive empirical evidence. There is no evidence supporting the some-god-did-it hypothesis, and especially not the Yahweh-did-it hypothesis.

    Six prominent facts supporting the Big Bang Theory are:

    ** The red shift of almost all galaxies, getting greater as their distance increases.

    — This shows that the galaxies are flying away from each other, at greater speeds at greater distances.

    ** The cosmic microwave background radiation.

    — This is a remnant of the radiation from the Big Bang, and has cooled over time to the exact temperature predicted.

    ** The variations in the cosmic microwave background radiation.

    — These variations fit theoretical predictions, and were caused by quantum differences near the start of Big Bang.

    ** The proportions of the lightest elements and isotopes.

    — This helps show that the calculations for nuclear interactions immediately following the Big Bang are correct.

    ** The changes in galaxies as we look further away (and thus back in time), with distant galaxies more primitive and having fewer heavy elements.

    — This shows some of the changes in the universe since the Big Bang, and confirms the deep time of the universe.

    ** The change in the apparent speed of type 1a supernova as we look back in time, with distant supernova exploding more slowly.

    — This shows that the light has been stretched out by the expansion of space over billions of years.

    Positing a god to supposedly answer a question solves nothing. It just stops you from asking more questions.

    For more about the Big Bang and its implications, watch the video at the 1st link - "A Universe From Nothing" by theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss, read an interview with him (at the 2nd link), or get his new book (at the 3rd link). See the 4th link for "The Universe: Big Bang to Now in 10 Easy Steps." And, see the 5th link for "Quantum scientists make something out of nothing."

    "The total energy of the universe is precisely zero, because gravity can have negative energy. The negative energy of gravity balances out the positive energy of matter. Only such a universe can begin from nothing. The laws of physics allow a universe to begin from nothing. You don't need a deity. Quantum fluctuations can produce a universe."

    - Lawrence Krauss, physicist

    "Quantum mechanical fluctuations can produce the cosmos. If you would just just twist time and space the right way, you might create an entirely new universe. It's not clear you could get into that universe, but you would create it."

    - Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute

    "The cosmic microwave background radiation is one of the many reasons that we know that the Big Bang actually happened."

    - Lawrence Krauss, physicist

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  • OPM
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    Okay, school is required to teach facts even if people do not like the facts that are being taught. What I do not understand is why your religion matters in a science class. I know you think you are being loyal in some way, but that isn't the point. School is to be religion neutral. You do not have to agree with it to be able to show you can answer it.

    What you do not realize is that things like the Big Bang impact daily life. You are cutting your future earnings by not learning things because you are crippling what you can do.

    There is a really simple test to see if the Big Bang is true that you can see performed. Have someone who has a car with a GPS in it take you somewhere that is a couple hundred miles away. If you arrive then the Big Bang is real, if you end up far away then it is false. GPS devices depend upon relativity being true to work. In a Newtonian world they cannot work.

    The Big Bang is just an element of relativity. It was not the only possible hypothesis regarding the universe. The other possible way the model could have worked was the steady state hypothesis which Einstein favored. In that case the universe would have always existed without a beginning. Those are the two choices given the observable data. There are no other choices unless everything we see, hear and feel is a lie.

    What you are missing is that using the Internet depends on satellites which depend upon relativity of which the Big Bang is a part. The very fact you can read this answer means the Big Bang is true.

    Have you considered the possibility that you are misunderstanding the bible and maybe it isn't God who is misunderstanding the universe? You are only 14 and it wasn't written in English. It was also told by shepherds thousands of years ago to each other. If God had told them about Hadrons, how would they have understood that.

    Apologize to your teacher, request to turn in the assignment again and take this as a chance to show you don't know everything. Indeed, it sounds like you are good at learning, but you have been too little in too narrow an area.

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  • Joseph
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    There needs be Intelligence , in order for there to be a creation, and a creator our heavenly Father. Without Intelligence, there cannot any thing be. you nor I would be, nor this earth nor the universe . It is the same with one wanting to create the perfect Garden. Unless you have intelligence and all the material and seeds you cannot do it. For God has given us all things what’s so ever is required to bring comfort unto his children on this earth, and that is all of us. Say this and see what your teacher then has to say and see if he can deny the truth that there is Intelligence working above and that is our heavenly Father . For by word alone created he the heavens and the earth and all that we see in it .

    print this out and give to your teacher and say i cannot say a lie but here is the truth of how all things we see were created by our creator our heavenly Father.

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  • you could say this "Since there is no solid evidence to prove the big bang theory yet, it would be unwise to prove something i'm not sure is true as being true. So for the sake of this explanation i understand it is important for you to hear <fill in what the teacher wants to hear here, with conclusions>. Then go on to say, that while there is no solid evidence for all of this, and much speculation, i often pray that the Good Lord may someday let me witness the beginning of it all, so that i can know for myself.

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    School is also there to teach you how to think and how to present an argument both for and against. This project was probably designed for this purpose but unfortunately you are so brainwashed by your religion that you are incapable of doing either.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago


    If you paid attention in class, you'd have the tools at your disposal. But instead you decided to use your religion as an 'out'. :P

    On the plus side; you *probably* won't become a physicist - so it *might* not matter. It's a shame to deny yourself an education, though, dude.

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  • dbobo
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    6 years ago

    good for you, there is no evidence therefore no proof of the big bang, stand tall

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    Yes its ur right. They cant do anything about that as long as your now coming out as a liar

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  • 6 years ago


    Keep up the good work, Zach,

    Stand up and be counted.

    . . .

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    Epic facepalm...

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