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Diablo III WW Barb question!?

I have a barb with decent gear, but I cant find upgrades. There is no way my upgrades should cost billions per piece, is there a website that just lists the stat priority per slot? Without all that math garbage? I dont care to max the character, i just want to be able to get upgrades again.

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  • Jack
    Lv 4
    7 years ago
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    yes gear makes some huge difference but the IK (Immortal King lvl60) set gives great boost. The most Important stats are STR, health, chance of crit, crit hit damage increment, all res, life regeneration and life on hit. LOH should be around 1k and you can always get life whenever you hit. all resistance will reduce damage taken chance of crit and crit damage increment stats will boosts your damage. damage around 100k is very easy to get on barb. honestly dont like barb class very much and dont play with that class a lot therefore i dont spend money on it. still my paragon lvl 5 barb with average gear does around 110k dps and it is with 40 to 45 percent critical rate because IK set helm and gloves increase crit rate around 20 percent. so it is easy to increase more crit ratio through rings and amulets and socketing green gem in weapon increase crit damage.

    monk class is the hardest to increase damage barb is very easy to play. I have a paragon lvl 82 monk and it does around 130k dps with full of legendary items.

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  • look it up

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