im looking for any great overnight mountainous hikes to do in britain?

maybe 2 or 3 nights, definitely mountains and difficult passes, all in training and preparation for the Appalachian trail. I've never done any hiking at all before so need to practice first

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    I would start off from the basics - a few day hikes then hills and then an overnight expedition then 2 or 3 nights - just to build up your experience before it gets too serious.

    Perhaps you could look at the Nevis range / Grey Corries area for a decent couple of nights expedition - quite wild but you have the option to look into the various mountain bothys instead of taking a tent - makes things lighter

    Where in the UK you go to all depends where you can get to of course - not so good me recomending a route that will take you a day to get to if you only have 3 days in total to travel, walk and travel home again (you don't want to start an expedition when its getting dark, start about mid day to get a few miles in first)

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    7 years ago

    You could try the Lake District and will find some good ideas here:

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