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Computer shuts down during update and is stuck in startup?

I was updating my computer, then all of a sudden shuts down. When I powered it on, it went to startup page. It has been on this page for a long time... How do I fix this?

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    Which operating system? Startup page of the BIOS or the operating system?

    1. Computer goes through the BIOS and does not start the operating system (OS): check in the BIOS if the HD is recognized in the "boot" or "startup" menu. During updates sometimes the boot sequence is changed. The HD containing the operating system must be on Place 1 in the "boot sequence" or on place two if "1" is the DVD drive. Sometimes updates set a non existing floppy drive on place 1 for which the computer is waiting forever to show up or a hard drive without operating system. Then it simply will not start. It requires a bit of playing around with changing the sequences depending from how many hard drives, DVD drives and CD ROM drives you have but nothing can happen other than it will work suddenly and unexpectedly.

    2. If "Windows" is the OS and freezes during Windows startup press F8 after the boot procedure of the computer and select "Safe" or "Secure" Mode. It then will start without any unnecessary drivers. You will have an awful display but you will be able to access the system settings. Select: "Save and restore" and Select a "restore point" from a date when the computer was working. All drivers and system settings then will be set back to the date (it has to be one before the update) when the computer was working. Your personal files remain untouched. Then refuse the update which will be offered again and which led to your problem.

    3. If nothing works take another computer, access "", download the burn image of the DVD and burn it on DVD. Boot your computer from that DVD (default language is German. Change to English in the right upper corner. It opens a live LINUX session on your computer (LINUX will run exclusively from DVD without installing anything. It works on all types of computers). The DVD drive then must be on place one in the BIOS boot sequence, which is the default to enable installation of operating systems. If your hardware has no defect you will at least have access to all your files and data, will be able to copy or save them and (hopefully) find the problem. Sometimes without doing anything computers work fine after such a session and normal rebooting.

    4. Worst case is a RAID BIOS and many HDs on which data are distributed (very rare in home computers). If one is corrupt or the sequency is changed it never will work again. In this case immediately choose step 3 and check if all HDs are present. If not with a lot of luck one cable fell off. Reattach but never change the cables. It can be checked with "G Part" in the Knoppix tools. The HD format then is "RAID". DO NOT reformat or change it. First try if all HDs are running and if not: make them run.

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    Have you tried booting to safe mode? If not shut down your computer then turn it on and mash the hell out of that F8 key (Windows 8) Or hold it down for Windows Vista/7 . Then select "Boot to safe mode" Hope this helps !

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