Can the state of Fl brig up criminal records from Georgia?

I got in trouble last year in GA for underage drinking.

In the state of Florida I used someone else's I.D to get into a bar. The cop did not arrest me. However, I had a court date today. They did not have a compromise yet for "unlawful use of a driver license." I might be eligible for the classes & what not (I forget the thing they call it) but they have to look into it. Is it possible for them to look up my criminal history in Ga? If so, what will happen?


pre trial intervention is what I was talking about with the classes.

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    Yes, part of having a permanent criminal record is so that other states may consider it, when trying to find a method to help teach you a lesson.

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    Yes, they can look up your criminal record in any state. Whether they can use it in court depends on many factors, including but not limited to: evidentiary laws of FL, specif charge you are facing, specific charge you faced in GA, specific facts of both cases, what purpose they are trying to introduce the conviction for, etc. This is something you should discuss with your attorney.

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