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Is it safe to go to japan for 9 days due to radiaton?

I want to go on vacation to japan for 9 days but my mom is worried about the radiation, My moms boyfriend is constantly finding articles saying the radiation is dangerous and is showing them to her so she wont let me go, So should i be worried is it safe?

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    You know, Olympics will be held in 2020 in Tokyo. Many athletes and celebrities come and stay in Japan for a while. If it's not safe, why did IOC choose Tokyo?

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    You are actually asking three questions. Is it safe to go go Japan? Is there radiation? Is the radiation safe?

    Whether Japan is safe depends on how prepared you are. For the most part, you are prepared when you have a budget, and your hotel reservations are made out. It helps if you know where you are going and what you want to be doing.

    As for radiation, radiation is everywhere in life. Most of it comes in the form of natural background radiation. About half of it is in the form of cosmic rays that you get anywhere in the world, unless you're living deep within a cave. But you will get even more radiation deep within a cave, because all Earth rocks are radioactive. It's very probable that the natural background radiation level in your home town is higher than Tokyo's, because the radiation in Tokyo since 2011 has been lower than many other cities in the world. You should look up how much your home town's natural background radiation is.

    But if your mother doesn't listen to reason and won't let you go to Japan, she's just looking for excuses not to let you go. You may win the battle, but you won't win the war. You'll have to wait until you're independent before you can go to Japan on your own.

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    I think some people worry too much, and as long as you stay away from the Fukushima region, it's safe.

    If you are worried, then don't eat any seafood. But I don't just mean while you're in Japan. I mean any seafood, wherever you are. Fish don't know anything about radiation, and who knows where they've been. Maybe they've been swimming right past the coast near Fukushima, who knows. There are some radiation controls in place in Japan to make sure that no dangerous products enter the foodchain. But you know how it is with controls. And I'm not sure whether other countries check seafood for radiation.

    The McChicken is delicious in Japan, it has mustard sauce. The seafood is delicious, too. But I don't want to tempt you. Just play it safe and eat some rice and chicken and such.

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    You can see the radiation state of Tokyo NOW below.

    Compared to New York, London, Paris, and Beijing, no part of Tokyo was highest among them.

    But if you worry about the radiation, you should stop visiting Japan.

    By the way most of articles saying "radiation is dangerous in Japan" claimed by Koreans who have anti-Japan sentiment without proper scientific basis.

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    Hello Matthew, Japan is wide open for travel and now is the perfect time to go. Only a small area of Fukushima Prefecture is off limits and the March 2011 disaster was a once in a life time event.

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    Yes, you should always worry. Then you should do your own research, and figure out for yourself if it is safe or not.

    I think the restricted area is 20 km right now from the Daiichi power plant.

    Here's an article that seems to be quite balanced: Although, it doesn't really answer the question posed in the headline. Perhaps because nobody really knows yet.

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    Perfectly safe.

    See here for a comparison of Japan with other countries

    This, also topical, in the Japan Times at the moment

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    Only if you go swimming in the ocean in front of the reactors or go within 20 miles of the power plant. Other than that the rest of Japan is relatively safe.

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    Where in Japan are you going? Unless you are going 50-100 miles from Fukushima, you have no problem. It's pretty safe in most areas in Japan.

    Source(s): I visit Tokyo twice a year and most travelers that I met in Japan enjoyed going there. I recommend going to Kyoto during Fall or Spring season.
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    Its reasonably safe. Don't listen to the marxist aniti japanese class warfare .

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