What can i do about some drug addicts thiefs breaking into my shed stealing tools?

Cops won't do anything because i don't know their names and my neighbors are having the same problems with them. when we call 911 . it take 2 hours for the police to arrive and the thiefs are gone by then. this is in baltimore city maryland. can i get a no tresspassing order on them? get an warrant? make citizen arrest? what can we do? these punks do this almost everyday.

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  • SRT
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    6 years ago
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    Call the non-Emergency line of the Police Department and tell the Dispatcher what has

    been going on. Inform him/her that you have tools missing, be specific on which ones, give a precise time of which the thieves trespass onto your property, how many times it has occurred and so on. Keep it all factual, don't give estimates or opinions.

    Inform the Dispatcher that these people are drug addicts that may carry weapons. Do you have a Firearm? If so, inform the Dispatcher of this Firearm and tell him/her where its located, what model it is, and whether its loaded or not.

    Be very clear to the Dispatcher that if these trespassers BECOME aggressive and/or pose an immediate threat to your safety, safety of your family or friends, or attempt to enter your House, that you WILL defend yourself. And that is all you say.

    Do NOT mention USING the Firearm in any way. Dispatchers are trained well enough to interpret what you mean by "self defense" with a Gun in the residence.

    This should get some more patrol in your area, especially if Police know all the facts.

    Good luck.

  • 6 years ago

    How can you make a citizen's arrest when you don't have their names and if you confront them they might attack you; it's just not worth it. If you wanted to invest in some security cameras and then give the results to the police something might be able to be done. Chip in with your neighbors for one and set it up. In the end it will help all of you. Good luck, that really sucks.

  • Frank
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    6 years ago

    Find your local local precinct and contact to the precinct commander or captain (look it up).

    The folks in the 911 call center are not the right people to change this. It needs to come from above.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Buy a watchdog to watch the shed.

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  • Tom
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    6 years ago

    put a lock on your shed

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Get yourself a nice, big shotgun!

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