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Volleyball rotations?!?

I am a freshman and we have a game tomorrow, we all were taught in cyo so it was a league and it was general rotation, but now we are learning a 4-2 rotation, i am kind of confused, so i start off as left back, but i am outside hitter. Im confused on everything. Please help me understand it.

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    A 4-2 rotation is always having the setter set out of the middle front (always having a setter in the front row); instead of setting from right front no matter where they are in rotation (5-1).

    You are OH, your setter or opposite will always be behind you in rotation, and a middle blocker will always be in front of you. So you need to know where you in rotation vs what you play in defense. So, for my teams, OH's start in positions 2 and 5 when we have serve. That is their rotation. Their defense is playing on the left side of the court. So if an OH is in position 6, after we serve, they are to go to the left side of the court and play defense. They will ALWAYS go to the left side to play defense weather they are front row, or back row. Positions 2,3,4 are all front row positions and 5,6,1 are back row positions. Here is a link to positions i am talking about. Sometimes these are also serving zones: Here is a link for 4-2 rotations: However, a 4-2 is pretty elementary. I would assume you guys are running a 6-2, if so, here's a rotation map for a 6-2: S1 starts in position one and S2 is in position 4.

    hope this all makes sense

    Source(s): coach for 10 years, player for 20 years
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    Never heard of a 4-2 rotation. You mean5-2? That's what I do.

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