Anyone know the title of this book?

It's about schrodinger's cats, I read it in middle school and want to find it. There is a boy in a wheelchair, his sister, a gardner (who I seem to remember was african american) and their parents. They go into a maze and as they keep going the boy gets stronger, the mom quieter, and the girl weaker. There's a part I remember there were little birds, but a huge one, in one place but everywhere at once. Then they made it all the way through the maze by following the cat, and they made it to the 'happy place' (the dad was told about this I think) and I think only the girl did but when she was back home she was in a wheelchair and her brother played baseball and was healthy again. Anyone know the name? I'd love to find it again.

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  • 8 years ago
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    "The Last Universe" by William Sleator.

    "Susan and her wheelchair-bound brother, Gary, discover a mysterious maze in the vast gardens of their isolated home. Planted by a scientist uncle who disappeared long ago, the maze offers seemingly endless routes and choices. The teenagers discover that each turn they take alters their world in some way. Sickly Gary sees a chance to change his fate; Susan sees that they may both be lost forever."

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