How do elctric cars work?

how do electric cars work??

and if u charge ur car and then it runs out of electric or wat ever and ur in the middle of the highway what do u do??

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    There is a range of vehicles that might come under the name of an electric car or electric vehicle. A solar car is a car that uses an electric motor for power but gets its electricity from the sun. A series hybrid gasoline/electric car is a vehicle that powers the wheels with an electric motor but gets its electricty from a gasoline engine operating a generator. A hydrogen fuel cell electric car is a vehicle that once again moves the wheels with an electric motor but provides that electricity from its hydrogen fuel cells.

    Like the above examples all electric vehicles today use electric motors to power the vehicle. Only a mag-lev train uses a (linear) electric motor that does not power wheels. But the electricity can be provided to the motor in many different ways. In addition to making electricity on the vehicle, we can store power in batteries, ultracapacitors or flywheels. We can even transmit electricity directly to the vehicle as we do with electric trains.

    A battery electric car has four major electric drive components. The battery, a battery management system, a motor and a motor controller.

    If a battery electric car runs out of power it is like any vehicle that stores energy on the vehicle no matter if it is in batteries or in gasoline. The vehicle must be resupplied before it can operate on its own power. Some road service companies are investing in mobile charging equipment. And the vehicle can be towed.

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    With most electric cars they have a meter in the dash that tells you when you are getting low on battery power. You usually have plenty of warnings. You do not want it to die in any bad situation like on the freeways, etc.

    Also, some of them have a charger that can hook up to 110V or 220V.

    If you run out of gas on the highway, you will need to try getting onto the shoulder away from on coming traffic...

    I have a Prius and it is a hybrid - that is a gas motor and an electric motor - that automatically charges the battery while driving so that you can continue to drive while the gas motor generates more battery power - It also shuts off when fully charged.

    Hope this has been a help.

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    Well. Its got an electric motor (s), powered by batteries. If the batteries run out of charge.......................You're Fuc...ed !

  • 7 years ago

    you're hooped

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