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good facial piercing combination?

ok so i have a nose piercing on my left, spider bites on my left and a Madonna on my right i want another nose piercing on my left and i want to re open my septum i also want a eyebrow piercing! but i feel that might be a bit much so what do you think are some good piercing combinations .... i also have 2 ear piercings on my left so once again what do you think? is that fine or what are some other piercing combinations to have?.... (side note: i am willing to let them close to get new ones so dont change you answers to go with what i have..... and PLEASE dont answer if you dont like piercings

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    First off...what kind of jewelry are you wearing? Hoops or studs? Cause that definitely can change the entire look. Obviously the more studs the less 'clutter' if you will. So here goes...

    Two studs in the nose on the left. A hoop in the septum (fitted! not too big [personal preference]). What if you moved the two spider bits on the left to two on the right? Then got your anti brow pierced on the right (I find eyebrow piercings to be so over done and last year...well last century actually). So there is a 'zig-zag' effect from right (anti brow) to left (nose) to right (spider bites). Is that confusing? Just so it looks balanced.

    And I don't know about the Madonna. I'd say, if you were to take any of this advice, see how it looks after and go from there.

    Those are my thoughts =) Have fun with your piercings!

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