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A/V receiver HDMI and Optical question?

Hello! I just had a question that I couldn't figure out for the life of me. I have a Sony home theater A/V receiver, it has HDMI inputs and Optical inputs. I, of course have my things connected through HDMI. My receiver has HDMI plugs for SAT/CATV, BD/DVD, and a game system. It also has two optical connections for SAT/CATV, and TV. I can select to use either the HDMI audio or Optical audio for the SAT/CATV connection, for which I use HDMI. But, I can pick the TV optical input (which changes the input from SAT/CATV to just the TV optical input) but video still streams out of the HDMI out to my TV from the receiver. Why would the HDMI video from SAT/CATV stream out, but have the audio be the TV optical in? I was just curious, I have everything setup through HDMI. Thanks!


Just to clarify, my receiver has an HDMI out plug that goes to my TV's HDMI in. Also, the "SAT/CATV" and "TV" inputs are separate. They aren't linked. The "SAT/CATV" HDMI input also has a linked optical input that you can select. I'm wondering why the video would stream from the "SAT/CATV" HDMI input if the TV optical input was selected for audio.

Update 2:

ONE more thing, I also figured out that it isn't just the "SAT/CATV" video that goes out when "TV" is selected. All of the HDMI inputs will still stream video out even if the "TV" optical is selected.

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  • Lance
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    8 years ago
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    Some people do not get there TV through cable they use over the air antenna to get signal in that case you would not be able to use HDMI unless the TV and the AV receiver had ARC but in most cases you would have to use optical to transmit the signal from the TV to the AV get sound...This is a very common set up for people who do not use cable or satellite to get signal but use over the air transmissions...

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    The receiver is sending the video and audio selection to the HDMI output that you have selected.

    So if you have the audio feed set to be sourced from another signal than the video, the receiver is sending that signal to the output. Keep in mind that some sources, a laptop computer as example, typically do not supply audio at the HDMI. This feature is a major plus to have.

    This was not possible back in the day when HDMI was just pass-through, but now is an advantage.

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