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Sunset asked in Politics & GovernmentGovernment · 7 years ago

I was disagreeing with somebody about our president, what do you think?

They were so anti-Obama, it was annoying really. So asked, why are so hating? Because I don't like the guy, I disagree with just about everything he's done, I think he has failed the American people and this nation. But still, I don't go around irrationally with it, I just don't see him as any different than the previous failures.

So in a nut shell these were the main points and rebuttals, what are your thoughts?

Obama is a Communist/Socialist:

As far as the communist thing goes, previous presidents have been aspiring towards this end. Slow taking rights, granting more and more entitlements. Both Bush's, Clinton and Reagan were huge proponents of this. The masses love to hear that the government will pay for unemployment, pick up their medical tabs, maintain them in many ways.

Obama is arrogant and closed minded to opposing views:

You should hear some speeches of Bush Sr. and Clinton. When somebody tells them something they don't like, they're rude/quick to strike,I'm talking about when they were in power. It is not a democracy we live. As the pledge of allegiance says, ". . . to the republic, for which it stands. . ." We elect leaders, and they can do whatever they please in office. We have the choice of impeaching, recalling, or when the time comes to vote them out. That's it! Live with it. This whole democracy lie has everybody thinking they have more rights than they have.

Obama is destroying our economy:

Destroying the economy is one of the elite's biggest goals. Presidents have been their puppets on this agenda for generations. Remember voodoo economics, or Reaganomics? That slaughtered us big time. Clinton got the ball rolling and Bush finished the job with the home loan scandal, as well as the oil price inflation. Bush gets too much credit on these. The initial bills that seeded this situation started in the Clinton administration. You talk about economy destroyers? Obama is the latest in an ongoing campaign of economic destruction and control.

People around the world hate us more than ever because of his foreign relation policies:

You do remember us striking Iraq, without Congressional approval, without proof of WMD's? You do remember us starting occupation of Afghanistan, unwanted primarily? I can remember the first time we tried to occupy Iraq back in early 90's The truth of the matter is, we're hated because we try to police and control the global community. An aspect that Obama carried the torch with however, has been in place years prior to his seating the presidency.

In summation, Obama is not the problem:

In all honesty, the problem is not our communist, non-citizenship, economy destroying president. He is the manifestation of what we've become, what we've allowed. And it's been going on for many years, generations really.

Until we accept the responsibility of our in-actions and failures for our citizenship duties/responsibilities, we will continue to have these types of leaders. It's not Obama, it is us, as a whole, who are at fault. For not taking more time to become educated about our election duties/responsibilities, for not following through and making sure our politicians are on task with what they're supposed to do. For continuing to vote in the same losers, time and time and time again. The election process was designed to keep politicians at high turnover. Keeping people in place allows for easy corruption. In my opinion, two terms max, for anybody, anywhere. They can move up the ranks or move on.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I can sum up Obama in two words, HE SUCKS!!!

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  • 7 years ago

    O'bama made one major mistake---- O'bamacare. This is the largest tax ever laid on Americans. Millions will have their hours cut to 30 per week. We can barely get by at 40! Right now, the Teamsters union and some others are fighting this thing. It will cripple the lower income worker to despair. I see this as an attempt to destroy the economy by the scatterbrained liberals.

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  • 7 years ago

    This is all talk and little direct fact. You're wasting your time. If someone doesn't have the same opinion as you it's not your job to prove them "wrong". Learn to shut up and deal with, or politely tell them to do the same

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  • 7 years ago

    I think the fact that you posted this SAME question 2 minutes ago too PROVES that you really need a life and have too much free time on your hands.

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