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Is ariana grande back withe jai brooks?

Is Ariana Grande back with Jai Brooks back together after the broke up in august

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    On his FB it says he's in a relationship with Ariana and Ariana has changed her facebook profile pic back to her and Jai. Only on her personal FB.

    Source(s): ariana's facebook.
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    Yes they are. Jai saw that ariana still loved him because she cried whilst singing honeymoon avenue (a song written about jai) it was confirmed when ariana put as her bio on twitter "if you catch this within the next 5 minutes jai and I are back together and then took it down). They both tweeted that night "best night of my life". Plus ariana dumped nathan as she still had feeling for jai after a few weeks. So did jai, they are happily dating again.

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    Ariana and Jai are back together. Nathan and Ariana were never dating, they were simply just close friends

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    Yes. They are dating again. She lets her fans know discreetly so only her closest fans really know whats going on. I feel sorry for Nathan. He posted a selfie in a mickey mouse hoodie yesterday. That can't be a good sign considering she's minnie mouse :/

    She DMed a fan, changed her bio for a while and favorited Jai's tweet about being happy (you can check this one) then she posted a tweet about being happy herself.

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    Yes, I have the exact thing to say as everyone else on this page. They seem to be on and off with their relationship but they obviously care for each other A LOT. :)

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    apparently so; apparently jai got on one knee and asked her to be his girlfriend again and she said yes and that would explain their tweets about being so happy. there isn't any legit proof (the DM to the fan and her bio change could've been photoshopped) but that's what we're all thinking

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    No theyre not shes in a relationship with nathan sykes right now.

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