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How to turn a girl on while kissing?

Hello everyone.

I need advice on how to turn my girlfriend on while making out. Here is my story:

I make out with my girl every now and then and I don't need sex yet because thats not important to me. I always cuddle her and kiss her passionately. I am never sure though of wether I turned her on and make her horny because holding her and rubbing face alone turns me on. I want to know that I am a good partner and can turn her on. I think a good indicator would be if she kiss me back harder or try something new? If she moans or breathe heavily then I know Im successful.

Guys and girls, can you give me tips, advice and share your knowledge on what I can do to make my woman moan and get turned on.

Thank you very much for helping me because i feel so bad not knowing how to turn my partner on, Shes my first as well

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    Girls are some damn advanced creatures. Unlike us, guys, it takes a lot of time for them to get turned on. As you didn't specify any age, I'll expect you to be between 15 and 20. Here's a couple of tips that should help you out:

    Vary your kisses

    - Kiss passionately, hard, soft, not only on the mouth etc.

    Tease her

    - A thing I found is that some girls get extremely turned on if you deny them what they want. Try acting like you are going to kiss her and then just slide past her or back. She is going to want to kiss you more and more. Give her a taste of what she wants, and then pull away.

    Touch her

    - You don't want sex, but yet you want to turn her on.. You want sex. Touch her neck, her back, her hair, her hips, her legs, her stomach. Basically touch her everywhere.


    - Works like a charm.

    These are some good things to do as a part of the foreplay, or whatever you want to call it. Try these out, but remember to spend a lot of time with her. You can't expect her to get a ladyboner after kissing her for a couple of minutes. Give her time.

    Source(s): 17 years old. Very sexually active.
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    How to turn a girl on while kissing?

    Hello everyone.

    I need advice on how to turn my girlfriend on while making out. Here is my story:

    I make out with my girl every now and then and I don't need sex yet because thats not important to me. I always cuddle her and kiss her passionately. I am never sure though of wether I turned her...

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    Do everything you can man

    Suck her boobs

    Kiss her neck

    Play with her hair

    Put your hand down her trousers

    Grind with her

    Play dirty with her

    Basically love her like she's your world mate:)

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