Does usps lie about delivering?

To start off im very pist at them. today saturday september 7 i waited all day for one of my college textbooks to arrive by delivery. turns out they "say" they tried to deliver it to me at 4:20 on their online tracking system but that is bullshit because waited all day for them doing absolutely nothing! and that was actually the 3rd problem ive had with them THIS WEEK with different packeges. The reason im pist is because i really need that textbook by monday since i have class in college at 8:30 and i have to absolutely have it there that day. what angers me is that they didnt deliver it claiming that they tried same thing happened on wednesday where they marked my package as delivered and turns out it was at the post office and and same thing on thursday they marked it as attempt delivery but never delivered it nor left a note which they claim they did, so i checked online and it said i could pick it up at the post office. so i went to the post office the next day to pick up my package and they said it wasn't there that it "could be on the truck again" im like really! so i went back home and checked my mailbox for any mail and latter i went outside again and i found my package on top of the mail boxes and trust me " they didnt even bother to ring the bell and left it there" why not leave it there the day before! by the way i live on a building so anybody could have taken my package i hadn't gone outside so... long story short does the post office lie about attempting to deliver or do they just do it to "meet" the delivery date even if they dont have the package with them

but yeah im so pissssst at them because i really need my book asap. and is there any way that i can pick up my package during lobby hours 6am-9am because i leave at 7:00 to my college and obviously dont have time to pick it up during business hours 9-5

I appreciate any answers or experiences

and im sorry for my grammar and run-on sentences but im really mad and just wanted to ask this question as soon as possible.

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    Clerks and manager/supervisor should be there by 6. Call ahead. It may take a bit to get the phone answer, but they are there. Explain what happened. They should be able to accommodate you..after all, they didn't do as they said.

    For various reasons, packages sometimes get missed...miss sorted, missed in the delivery vehicle, arrived too late to get to the carrier. It the reality...nobody bats 100%. The problem is that when something happens, it still must be scanned. The HQ honchos designing these programs don't have a clue. We are left with two reasonable option..scan as delivered or scan at attempted.

    To happen 3 times in one week sounds like a bigger issue at that office. Make the supervisor/manager aware. If still not satisfied, look for a consumer affairs phone number, if not in your city, a nearby large city.

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    Yes the do. When they do not make a delivery in a workmanlike manner they send false information to the sender. It can take the form of:1. " No one at home to accept delivery. Message left." No message was left because no delivery was attempted- Frequenly, the package has not even arrived in the city yet;

    2. " Undeliverable- Address does not exist." This is messaged to the sender when no signature is required.

    Often the item will be delivered a day or two later. It does not good to contact usps by e=mail or telephone..The tracking number sill get you to the fail notice but usps denies its validity if you try to inquire further.

    Probably cause =- USPS likely has performance standards including timely handling of mail. To avoid performance review exceptions, they no doubt lie and blame the recipient for their poor performance.

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    USPS has falsely claimed to have attempted package delivery to me at least 6 times in the past year, usually involving weekends. Like every other post, someone is always home and someone is always aware of a pending delivery but the USPS routinely blows off the delivery and then lies about it. No package, no peach colored form, nothing and they blame the victim. Remember LaserShip?

    As shaky as they were, at least they didn't just scam everyone (Amazon, UPS and the consumer) and just outright LIE about their deliveries. UPS is aware of it because now, for $40, you can get a premium UPS service that bypasses the USPS!

  • 5 years ago

    I live in Philadelphia, had Amazon prime since it was overnight delivery on EVERYTHING, while I knew that wouldn't last forever, I was shocked to hear it straight from the postal workers mouth this year, when confronted, he told me he was instructed by his superiors to LIE in regards to all Amazon prime packages that he did not have time to deliver. He thought it was wrong and apologized profusely and begged for complaints with usps and Amazon to be rendered. He explained that not only is he to register packages as delivery attempted, but he is also instructed to render any address as a closed business in order to keep things mixed up. Thanks a lot United States Postal Service. And Amazon, WTF? You have known about this for how long? And still use usps? Freaking eBay is becoming more reliable than Amazon prime for gods sakes.

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  • 6 years ago

    happened to me 3 times, and happened to my friends. Sucks when you are waiting for something and they lie to you.

  • 6 years ago

    try getting into a lawsuit with them... I can tell you they **** you even more

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