I am considering moving to Mount Vernon Washington or Battleground Washington How much rain and fog?

We are looking for something with sunshine too. We are coming from CA :) We are looking specifically a location along mountain bases or close to coast. We have a family so location is important. Here in CA we are involved in things like 4H (do they even have that?), civil air patrol and our home schooling co-op. Cost of living is also important to consider. We are looking to purchase a business so we can be close to a city or larger town, but we have horses so in a town setting is not a good fit for our family. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  • 8 years ago
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    4H is a national program. What is offered in each area depends on what volunteer adults are available and willing to lead kids. But yeah, there is 4H here.

    Western WA is about 9 months of cloudy, rainy and foggy weather. Think about San Francisco weather with less sun. If you are looking for sunshine, then you ought to be looking at towns in Eastern Washington instead.

    Have you looked at Ellensburg WA? Cost of living is lower, the weather is sunnier, and you should be able to find property for your family + horses not too far outside of town.

    As for Mount Vernon - it's not near the coast, and really isn't near the mountains either. It's a small town in the area known for it's tulip farms. It will be grey and wet for about 9 months of the year. And Mount Vernon is in a flood plain, so there's always the risk of flooding during particularly wet winters.

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    I live in Skagit County, about 30 miles east of Mount Vernon. It's probably the least attractive town in the county, partly because it is the largest. Of course, that area is retail Mecca for Canadians, who come in large numbers for the prices. You want some space, come out here, near Concrete. Lots of small farm like places, we have 46 acres. There are several small airports but in the three years I have been here I have heard nothing about CAP. Most of the farming is on the flat plain between Mount Vernon and Anacortes. Tulips and other flowers are serious crops, but potatoes are probably the areas biggest food crop.

    We used to live in Aberdeen, the seacoast area. We get vastly more sun in Skagit than by the ocean. Summers have been spectacular. We are surrounded by mountains out here. I hope you come and at least look around. Here is a link to pictures from the local amateurs.


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    Lots of fog and rain. You are NOT close to the coast, but saltwater is not too far away ( i e Puget Sound ). [ I would not really say those cities are along mountain bases. Check a topographical map.] Yes, there is 4-H up here, but idk how active it is in those communities. idk about business opportunities, either.

    Housing is cheaper than California.

    Source(s): live in Seattle, and go up and down I-5 from time to time.
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    If you are looking for sunshine, don't go to Washington.

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