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Set up web server on 2009 iMac?

I have an iMac that I bought in August of 2009. I would like to use it as a web server that can:

a) Host a website (I will add HTML files)

b) Be able to detect a change of IP and adjust DNS settings for my domain name accordingly (I would like to use, but am willing to use another service. I have I Dynamic IP from Cox.)

c) Host an FTP server

d) If possible, I occasionally create web applications with Google App Engine in Python. I would like to run these, but the requirements may be too sophisticated. If this is too hard to set up, I don't need this feature because Google is able to host these apps on their server for free.

I might be able to run Linux (or any free OS) on another partition, if necessary. I already have Mountain Lion installed (just wiped disk and installed today, no software except default)

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