How do I moderate worldly things with my faith?

I have a dilemma with my faith in God. I'm 14, I listen to rap, play video games, I'm flooded with homework, etc. This causes me a lot of problems. I'll touch on two. The first is that with a large schedule with school and hobbies, how can I regulate it for time with God? For instance, I've been waiting a long time for GTA V and I've become very excited as the release date gets closer. But I want to regulate the excitement in order for it to not to get in the way with my time with God. How can I get away from my worldly happiness and make time for God?

The second thing is I struggle with my feelings toward these things. I don't let rap influence me negatively. If anything it does the opposite. When Eminem's album Recovery came out, it helped me get out of a depressing phase in my life. Video games help me get away from stress and have built my friendships over the years. So do video games and music negatively affect my faith?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Play video games moderately and spend your Sundays in Church, or praying to your deity for a small period of time before doing your homework. I'm atheist, but if the fact that you believe in god helps you feel good about yourself then continue, as long as it doesn't get in the way of your social life.

    And dude. Get a girlfriend.

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