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Why does Far Cry 3 keep crashing on PC?

I got a new computer and it works fine. I downloaded a few games and then installed them. It isn't connected to the internet but I can play all the games. My problem is, I have trouble playing Far Cry 3. It starts up and plays fine but if I get into a car or die in the game, it crashes. It tells me that Microsoft is looking for a solution but it doesn't. I play Euro Truck Simulator 2, Minecraft, Dishonored, Skyrim and Amnesia and they all work perfectly. My only problem is the far cry 3 crash. Can anyone help me?

The computer specs are below:

Windows 7,

AMD FX-6300 OVERCLOCKED to 3.7GHz Six Core Bulldozer CPU,

AMD Radeon 6670 2GB Graphics Card,

1TB Hard Drive,

8GB DDR3 Memory,

HDMI 1080p,

USB 3.0.

How do i fix the crashes?

P.s. I downloaded and play Far Cry 3 on UPlay in offline mode.

Thanks in advance :)

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    DOS is dead. You can no longer compare one games ability to run against another.

    Each of the new games uses the resources of the machine differently.

    Even games of the same 'series franchise' don't use the same 'engine'.

    GOOGLE your game(s) name and the word "specs" to find out if your game works on your machine.

    There is also"" and its ilk.

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    You got some pretty good specs so I don't see why it would crash. I usually don't recommend this but you could download a torrent containing non official patches. I download those and MANY glitches are fixed. Or, you could uninstall and reinstall the game. You wont lose your saves.

    Source(s): Had the same problem
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