Poll: In recent months, are Firefox users having issues with the browser?

... I mean issues that are practically driving you away.

The past couple versions have been frustrating me no end -

Flash plugin sapping my ram like a selfish only-child hogging a game-station.

Crashing and crashing...

Lagging video, etc

And today, the cherry on top: it has led to crashing so hard that my PC freezes and restarts (This has happened twice, now). I actually saw a blue-screen for the first time in years, Bernard's soul cried out to me! (http://youtu.be/eNqPTOb31S8

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Now, I had a 'word' with FF support, they tell you 'do this, do that' but _I_ me, my PC has not changed, so the problem is not my set-up - 2 PC's in 2 locations - people moaning all over the web, etc. FF needs to sort their shtuff out, ffs.

From the moment FF arrived I've been an avid supporter.

I don't wanna see my sexy Fox on a street-corner finding veins and showing leg just to get by!

But unless there's an intervention of sorts it looks like the glitz and the fame are gonna take their toll.

So, please answer honestly.

DO YOU have similar issues?

(If this poll is successful I will print-screen/link it as a question on the Firefox forums, plead that they fix their -snip- so we can once again browse in peace ... and not have to be subjected to the Google-robot or the IE-glue-sniffer - heavens to Betsy!!)

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  • 7 years ago
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    In recent months? More like every month LOL

    I switched over to Chrome a few years ago, and while I do miss my add-ons, I definitely do not miss the lag and crashes!

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