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Favorite Harry Potter Character?

Mine's Sirius - who's yours? and i want lots of opinions, like even if their not your favorite, who else do you like/not like?


Thanks guys! I always find this so interesting. Other than Sirius, I also love fred/george, dobby, dumbledore, and hagrid. and i dunno if hedwig counts, but her death pissed me off, i loved her too :) i didnt like snape, hated bellatrix for killing sirius, didnt like percy, hated peter, hated umbridge beyond belief! ive always loved peeves too :) i honestly think it tells alot about a person, who their favorite character is

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    Mine's probably either Draco Malfoy or Fred Weasley. It's weird that I like Draco, seeing as he's the bully and I grew up loathing him. But I just think that he's so much more complex that just a bully, and that he's got so much more to him than meets the eye. And as for Fred, I just think he and his brother bring much needed light-heartedness and humor to the last few movies/books.

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    Mines Sirius and Hagrid. Both humorous characters with an interesting background. Sirius' death is the most tragic for me (besides dumbledore) but if Hagrid died...anyways they both make me laugh a ton. They're adorable.

    Your right it does tell a little about me because I'm a really funny/fun loving person.

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    My favourite male character is Sirius! I just think he's awesome like his personality is like the cool uncle you wish you had or wish you are. Also as you know he is an animagus and takes the form of a dog which is my favourite animal and on every test on the internet is my patronus and animagus so yeah I think I have a lot of common with him. He also is kind of rock n roll, like a polite Liam Gallagher. Gary Oldman is my favourite actor and is my inspiration!

    My favourite female character is definitely Hermione, I love her and she is kind of like my dream girlfriend haha! I like the way she is nerdy and a know it all at first and then she turns out to be really brave and rebellious. I love Emma Watson and I couldn't imagine anyone else playing her!

    My only big problem with the series is Bellatrix's death, I think in the ministry when she kills Sirius and Harry runs after her, when Voldemort says "you know the spell" Neville should have killed her....

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    My favorite would have to be Bellatrix. Scenes and moments where she was involved were so entertaining to read and watch. I think Helena being cast as Bellatrix upped my liking for the character even more. I get a lot of crap for liking her, but I think she is so delightfully psychotic and well written. My least favorite would have to be Hagrid. I didn't really like him as a character. He was just really boring. There was no substance to him, he wasn't funny, he wasn't involved in the series as much as other characters were, I just didn't feel like he was a very interesting character. I nearly groaned when I came across the "Hagrid's Tale" chapter. I found moments with him to be incredibly boring. I just really felt underwhelmed by Hagrid's character as a whole.

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    I think I've always been a Hermione girl =) there is just something about her that identify with. I have loved her the whole way the series.

    but my shock favourite was Snape. As soon as I read that last book, everything clicked into place and all of a sudden I loved him.

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    I like Hermionie and Hagrid I after the seventh book i sort of disliked Dumbledore because of all of the things he didn't tell Harry

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    My favorite character is Hermione Granger, she's intelligent, loyal, and trusting.

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    Draco malfoy. I"ve always love the"bad-boy, attractive type" when it vomes to male characters. I dunno, I had a major crush on that character since i was 8-9.

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