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Why is there this trend of classifying Arkansas as a Midwestern state?

Throughout its history, Arkansas has always been a part of the South. Why should that change now?


Just so you know, Arkansas was a part of the confederacy and the Little Rock 9, the group that lead the charge of racial integration in Southern schools, happened in Arkansas.

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    I don't see why there would be an attempt to classify Arkansas as Midwest. It's not. Missouri, maybe, but Arkansas is solidly Southern, both in its location, its climate, its agriculture, it's history, etc. etc. The opinion of a few people doesnt change the facts.

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    It would depend on who is classifying it. For example, people in new england might consider anything that is not on or near the east coast as western because arkansas is west of new england. It also might be mid- because it is close to the center of the us.

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