I want to play NFL game? [ea sports]?

Hello, I want to play the NFL game [ea sports] on my smartphone and maybe after playing it for some time, I want to play it on other platform. I don't have PS3 or XBOX yet, I only have my smartphone and my pc lol.

But, I don't know the rules of NFL and how the game is started, etc.

The game asked me to draw routes, and move my defender etc and I have no idea what is going on lol, I only know touchdown is 6 points and kick is 1 or 2 points? And idea on what can help me with playing the NFL game and hopefully help with watching the actual NFL game itself?

I really love it for it looks like it's really cool etc, but I still don't get it?

Please help?

Thank you!

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  • 6 years ago
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    You have asked this question 4 times now, and got answers. Quit asking the same thing.

    Since people have already given you the rules in the last times, I'll tell you about routes. Most teams have adopted what is called the "route tree," which consists of nine base routes. a 0 is a hitch, a 1 is a quick out, a 2 is a slant, a 3 is a deep out, a 4 is a curl, a 5 is a comeback, a 6 is a dig, a 7 is a post corner/corner, an 8 is a post/skinny post, and a 9 is a go/rail/seam route. You can find more explanation by searching "route tree explanation" in google or youtube.

    As for defenses, they are generally described based on their three levels: the down (defensive) linemen, the linebackers, and the secondary (Defensive Backs and Safeties). For example, a common defense is a 3-4-4, often called a 3-4. It consists of three D linemen, two inside linebackers and two Outside Linebackers (OLBs) beside them that either play loose or tight to the line in a 9 technique (outside line). There is then the secondary which may change its coverage. Coverages are typically either man-to-man where the DBs stick to one person, or zone coverage, where defenders maintain different zone levels . Another common one is 4-3, with four down linemen consisting of two D tackles and two D ends, and a Middle Linebacker (called the "mike"), Strong Side Linebacker ("sam"), and Weak side linebacker ("Will"). There are more defenses, but these are the basics. When it asks you to move defensive players, you can choose between these types based on the situation, be it more run-based or pass-based and the types of routes being run by the offense.

    Source(s): I've played football for 10 years.
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