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How long does it take for the brain to repair itself after TBI, the patient had surgery, was in a coma for 3 w?

My friends ex husband suffered TBI. He had surgery, was unconscious for 3 weeks.he has come a long way - he can feed himself, talk and actually make sense, see tunnel vision... yet he has a long way to go. Right now he most recently entered a very emotional stage he his very sad when most people leave him, he is expressing his love for others, and talking about how bad he feels he had this accident. When he talk to his ex wife he expresses his love for her, and asks why they got divorced, she doesn't want to make him feel bad but she says off we knew then what we know now maybe we would have tried more. He then says he wouldn't have gotten divorced. He says things too about how good the ex takes care of him. In fact the current wife asked for the ex to visit cause he was asking for her and it would help to give the current wife a break.

I guess I want to know does this man know what he is saying? Does he mean what he is sayin? Has the things hhe's saying been a part of who he was but before the accident the walls were so hi you never knew who he really was.

His personality was short, high temper, abrup never liked board games now likes to play them in therapy. Never said iI love you now says if many times a visit.

Please help me make sense of some of this so i can help my friend... thank you

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    It's hard to predict how something like this will go. If you're looking for ways to help, maybe you could talk with one of this therapists. In particular, I would want to talk with his speech therapist. That's the person who's dealing with his thinking and memory problems.

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