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Why don't I have a main.db file on my Mac for Skype?

I want to save a video message I got on Skype and I read that to do that I need to access my Skype main.db file. I have a Mac running OSX Mountain Lion, so the file should be in my Library>Application Support>Skype but there's where I'm having the problem. In my App Support folder there is NO Skype subfolder. Where did it go? I've never moved it as far as I can recall. I've also searched my whole computer for a file "main.db" and nothing comes up. Where can I find that file?


Not the same problem I'm having, but this is where I read that I can find the main.db file for Skype in the app support folder, which I need to access to save a video message, not a video chat (kind of like a voicemail on Skype but with video as well)

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    It is rare for anything to arrive in the Library directory except by running an installer. Skype has no support files, no installer. It is a very simple drop in app. I thinketh someone pulleth thy legg. Care to mention the exact URL for the "I read that" quote?

    Link below gives suggestions for saving Skype video calls.


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    Skype For Osx

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    SilverTonguedDevil's answer is wrong.

    Probably you were looking in your system Library folder instead of your user-specific Library folder. As of Skype 6.9, the file is at /Users/XXX/Library/Application Support/Skype/YYY/main.db where XXX is your computer login name and YYY is your Skype login name. Note that this Library folder is usually invisible but you can still get there using the Finder's Go... menu.

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    Open video message and press stop. Open Quick Time Player>file>new screen recording. Next to the record button pick external microphone, then click and drag over the video message window. Click record, then click play. Trim file and save. (Oh, and if you don t have other means to record sound internally, keep quiet)

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