Can I or Should I take legal action against POF?

I've been a member of POF for about a year, and I've never had any problems until now. It started yesterday when I tried creating a new account, after some weird reason I couldn't log into my old account. After creating my profile, I received an email from POF stating I had successfully completed my profile. When I went to login into my profile, I got an error saying I had an incorrect username or password. I typed in the username and password correctly about four times, and still got the error.

Trying to get the problem fixed I sent POF an email last night, giving them information on what was happening and asking if they could look into the problem. Fast forward today, and I receive an email from them stating my account had been closed due to me violating the Terms Of User Agreement. Slightly pissed and confused at the same time, I returned an email asking how did I violate the agreement and to see what rules I violated so terribly to have my account closed. So I'm wandering if they can't prove or show me that I violated any rules, can I sue them for closing out my account wrongfully? Any answers will be helpful.

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    8 years ago
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    you have no case. they have sole authority on what constitutes violations and the actions taken

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    8 years ago

    Nope. You violated their tos, which you agreed to when you signed up with them initially - and it also says it's subject to change at any time - you agreed to that too. They don't have to prove a thing.

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    why were you opening a new account..?? it is a free site, you didn't loose anything, so you wouldn't gain anything by suing..

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