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NFL easy schedules conspiracy?

Best quarterback in the league manages to get the easiest schedule in football come on. Do you think they pay the league for it?


Also the best bye week

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    No, this isn't college football. You can't pick your schedule. Every team knows what their schedule is. You play your division opponents twice, 1 division within your conference, 1 division in the other conference, and then the rest of schedule is filled with the teams that finished in the same place as that team did, i.e. a team that finished in 3rd place in the AFC West will play the other 3rd place teams from the other divisions within the AFC. Basically, so that every team will play at least once during a 4 year stretch.

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    div 6

    conf div 4

    opposite conf div 4

    other internal conference opp 2 (same placement as standing from previous year)

    16 games. Format never changes. Not Denver's fault the play in a weak division. Same with New England.

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    Considering the schedules follow a formula that is known to everyone well in advance, with the divisions playing the other divisions on a rotating basis, only a moron would suspect conspiracy.

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    Schedules are based on a formula used for a decade.

    Tough to call that a conspiracy.

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    Peyton manning had the hardest last year

  • i didn't have lunch until 5pm CONSPIRACY!

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