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Is america really the good guy?

About 1400 civilians died in Syria and US is all set to attack Syria because civilians being killed is not "acceptable".Why didn't they do do the same in Bangladesh Liberation war when about 4,00,000 women were raped(one of the largest genocides) but instead supported Pakistan because they feared an Indian victory will imply Russia's increased influence in South East Asia.Anyway,India won.In addition,they aided Pakistan militarily to continue this genocide.Similar US policy was seen in wars of East Timor.

I respect the middle eastern people who have not surrendered to these civilized terrorists.While the West has Hollywood and their utterly biased media to share their side of story these middle easterners have no such means to share their side of story and are always depicted as the violent and irrational people.I feel so ashamed that India doesn't stand against such an evil country with a ruthless foreign policy.Americans are not bad but their government reminds me of the Nazis.Gas chambers are replaced by drones,the soldiers rape women in the enemy country(google US war crimes in Afghanistan,Iraq,Vietnam if you are blindly patriotic and fail to believe it)

PS:Also,is US even a democracy?The country seems to go on wars even if it's citizens oppose it.Seems more communist to me.


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    just wait for the comments like ''stop trolling'' ''anti-american''. we need more people like edward snowden. the only people who obviously dont get the facts straight and only get their info from FOX is SOME not all but most americans.

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    No government is a good guy. People created governments to appoint people to do what they would not want to soil their hands doing.

    And the US has never been a democracy. It is a republic where people are voted in with the belief that these people will do what is best for their constituents even if their constituents object to it. Of course, career politicians just do what is best for them because they found they can lie to the people ans still get reelected because most people just vote name recognition. As they say, "no such things as bad publicity" unless you are Anthony Wiener.

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    We try to be, we are taught that we are, and there are many in the USA who try to be good people. With that said no we are not the good guys any longer. We don't afford liberty to those we wish to control. We don't afford due process to our enemies which should be a basic human right for every country. We desperately need to evaluate our actions and the consequences that will result from our actions.

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    I believe most Americans are basically good, but our government has become out-of-touch and more worried about political gains than the people they are supposed to serve. To sum it up, our government is becoming an engine of evil and oppression...quickly.

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    NO!! America is now the Evil Empire.

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