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When {Bryant} returns what will be LA Lakers rotation?

Knowing Pringles and believe me I do he will vehemently employ any lineup with Pau @ C because his system in his eyes will thrive with such a versatile big as Pau @ the 5. Reason he couldn't do so last season was that Dwightmare didn't want to play the 4. This would mean that Gasol-Kaman tandem would have to split up as far as starting together goes which is more than fine because Kaman is injury prone and monitoring his minutes could be in the best interest for him and the Lakers. Also the Lakers lack a bench especially in terms of size. Right now the primary backups Pau has are Jordan Hill. Who Mike D has hated ever since NY, Robert Sacre, and Ryan Kelly. LA needs Kaman as Pau's primary backup in terms of depth goes. Who will start alongside Pau then?

My money is on Shawne Williams. Williams is a Mike D system player. Mike D had a hard-on for him in NY where he started @ PF. In NY, he was #1 in 3pt% in the NBA and top 5 in 3 pters made. He could also defend fairly well. But for Mike D the driving factor of why he starts is because he opens up and spreads the floor with his shooting. Every time he takes a few steps up from the 3 line he misses and every time he takes a few steps back into 3 pt land he makes shots. He's a weird phenomenon onto himself.

Nash and Kobe as the back-court is etched in stone. But who will take up the wings @ the 3. That's an open competition between Nick Young and Wes Johnson. But in the end, I feel that Wes Johnson would assume that role. Johnson is younger than Young. More athletic than Young. Plays much better defense than Young. And more importantly, is a better fit in the same lineup with Kobe because Young doesn't pass up shots and it could negatively impact LA's offensive flow at times. Plus Young's scoring ability would be of better use of the bench. For the Lakers sake better hope Young and Mike D get along and it isn't a Mike D power trip like he had with Nate Robinson and a ton of other guys in NY where he'd take them out of the rotation for months on end just to prove a point.






6. Young

7. Kaman

8. Blake

9. Farmar

10. Hill

11. Henry

12. Sacre

---. Kelly

---. Harris

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    Do you like the Knicks?

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    D'antoni said he's going for two different rotations depending on the opponents size. He's going to start big on slower teams and small with fast teams.

    number one:


    SG: bryant


    PF: hill


    2nd unit:






    number two:

    PG: Nash

    SG: Bryant




    2nd unit:






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    Michael Beasley

  • I'm surprised you know this much about the Fakers. Aren't you a Knicks fan? Worry about your own damn team.

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