I want to play NFL game? [ea sports]?

Hello, I want to play the NFL game [ea sports] on my smartphone and maybe after playing it for some time, I want to play it on other platform.

But, I don't know the rules of NFL and how the game is started, etc.

The game asked me to draw routes, and move my defender etc and I have no idea what is going on lol, I only know touchdown is 6 points and kick is 1 or 2 points? And idea on what can help me with playing the NFL game and hopefully help with watching the actual NFL game itself?

I really love it for it looks like it's really cool etc, but I still don't get it?

Please help?

Thank you!

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    6 years ago
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    first off you gotta know the basics such as a touchdown is 6 points and then there is a point after this can result in 1 of 2 things if you kick it in the field goal after the touch down its one point if you run it in the end-zone (touchdown) its two. if you kick it in the field goal after no touch down you get 3 points. Now the thing with with phone football games is that it lets you do what you cant on the system games and that's what you have trouble with which is drawing routes and what not its a cool feature because it lets you make where your wide receivers are gonna go and all that jazz. But if you really wanna start in the EA NFL stuff i would start console wise its simpler and easier you get the rules just by playing it (id explain them here but id take more room than i have) and once you got the hang of that you'll think playing smartphone NFL is like a cake walk(in my personal opinion smartphone football games are harder to control in general)

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