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Top 3 Formula One drivers of all time???...?

Many to choose from :-)...

For me:

1) Schumacher

2) Senna

3) Alonso

Your top 3???

Based on quality of the driving, determination etc...

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    1) Sir Jack Brabham (he BUILT, and I mean physically built, his own car that he raced to a championship. Your argument is invalid.)

    2. Senna

    3. Schumacher


    A number of reasons Vettel isn't in the list:

    - he was gift-wrapped an upper-midfield car on debut and then gift-wrapped a top drive, he never had to fight for or earn them, and he doesn't know what it is to fight and outdrive a rubbish car

    - poor racecraft

    - terrible attitude; throws toys out of the pram whenever his teammate beats him fair and square (do you not remember Hungary 2010: "HOW THE F*CK IS MARK IN FRONT OF ME NOW? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?")

    - Multi 21 (and f*ck you forever for that, Vettel)

    - Best car and a team that's all about him to the detriment of his teammate

    - a teammate who is hobbled deliberately with an endless round of technical gremlins that may not cause him to DNF but cause him to bleed points

    The list goes on...

  • 1 Schumacher

    2 Fangio

    3 Prost.

  • ?
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    Vettel doesn't qualify, as almost 100% of his success is due to the car and designer Adrian Newey. Schumacher was too much of a cheat, and should have been disqualified from most of his races for deliberately trying to cause accidents.

  • Jay
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    7 years ago

    All I have to add is : Why isn't Vettel in the top 3? He's still got a long career ahead of him, as long as he stays healthy. Three championships in a row. Just watch the last race from 2012 and see talent and determination. Vettel and company were 38 points behind at one point in the season, but still came back to win it all, and they certainly had some difficulties to overcome. How is that not impressive? I certainly would never rate Alonso ahead of Alain Prost. Prost was one of the few people that could go toe to toe with Senna and beat him. That's also impressive.

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  • 7 years ago

    1) Senna

    2) Fangio

    3) Lauda

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