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She doesn't want a boyfriend?

I like a girl from school. We're both seniors. I've barely met her last week. She and i kept messaging each other on facebook and i kinda got to know her. She is so friendly and pretty! But she doesn't want to be in a relationship...what do i do know?

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    She doesn't want to be in a relationship... WITH YOU.

    What's that word, fellas? C-l-u-e-l-e-s-s

    Sorry bro either you just have no game or shes out of your league or you just arent her type. she doesnt like YOU and she isnt GOING to, unless you either get super buff, suddenly grow a few inches, or suddenly get the coolest pesronality in the world.

    regardless, you arent gonna change her mind bcuz minds cant be changed. you cant bully or coerce someone into liking you. trying to persuade her will only piss her off. imagine if the ugliest girl youre repulsed by, kept asking you to take her out on a date. youd get so annoyed

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    6 years ago

    Just be her friend. If she changes her mind about a relationship, she'll let you know.

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