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Has the baby been affected?

(Names have been changed)

Ok so my friend Alyson is 3 months pregnant and her boyfriend suffered a very bad accident and she got devastated, and she can't eat (it's 4:10 am here and this happened at 6pm of 8/09/13) and she can't sleep, She just cries and doesn't calm down .. During these 3 months she had some pain and bleeding problems but the baby made it, i'm worried that this will affect the baby? :/

can the baby feel her emotions?


sorry for the tons of "Ands" i just realized now.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I always think that my baby can feel my emotions either if I'm happ or sad, but its usually te chemicals they can feel that your body releases during experiencing those emotions. In other words, no, the baby doesn't get sad when you're sad, BUT the baby can feel stress when mommy is stressing. Nutrients need to be carried to the baby constantly and skipping meals doesn't harm the baby but if he's not eating or at least drinking water at all then it could affect the baby negatively. It's always important to stay hydrated while pregnant bc all the good stuff is carried through the blood to baby and water makes it easier. If she was having complications in her first trimester then the baby can deff be more prone to experiencing issues now in her pregnancy so it is important that she not stress too much and keep herself nourished for baby bc it can put her into preterm labor... Hope this helps!

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  • 7 years ago

    Having been pregnant before I'd say yes the possibility of an effect on the baby is possible. If she is stressed that certainly does impact her hormones thus causing her to stress etc. Try to help her relax her mind which I'm sure you have. I think its one of those things she will just have to go through and get through. When something major happens it difficult for some to control their emotions and I bet being pregnant doesnt help. I hope Alyson's boyfriend is/ will be okay, and mommy and baby too.

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