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Why do kids bully in school???

I am 18.i am very quiet in school i rarely have friends but with guys i am good.everytime i am in my classroom kids always say ugh it smells so bad,i can't stand this b*tch she needs to go back to her country.i takr shower everyday and i akso put deodrant on but then i don't know why they always insult me and say hurtful things to me,its very annoying....

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    Bullying is usually the product of the bully being abused at home or having been bullied themselves in the past. Not that either of these triggers is good enough justification for making someone else's life miserable. Although in your case it sounds like there might be one or two particularly unfriendly people who make hurtful remarks and others blindly follow them in doing so.

    I'm quite upset that no one has stood up for you. It's a serious thing and bullying should not be tolerated. Many times it doesn't seem or sound harmful on the surface. Perhaps teachers or other students assume it's playful banter so they don't intervene. I'd suggest you make it quite obvious that it's offending you and make sure teachers know your being bullied and who by. I guarantee something will be done about it and if not then go higher. Perhaps not to one teacher, but to a head teacher or a senior member of staff as they are more likely to take it seriously.

    Don't be ashamed of being bullied. Many people feel it's something to keep to themselves and suffer in silence. However this is what bullies want. A silent victim they can abuse and get away with it. Don't give them that satisfaction, you deserve more.

    Best wishes.

    Source(s): Been bullied myself in the past.
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    Because high school students are nothing more than a pack of wolves. And just like a pack of wolves, they always have their omegas (the bottom wolf picked on by the rest of the pack). Just ignore them. You're better than they are.

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    People will always be cruel.

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    parents who SUCK

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