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Fantasy Football Question?

Hey guys, here's my roster for Fantasy Football:

QB: M. Ryan

WR: V. Jackson

WR: R. Wayne

RB: A. Foster

RB: T. Richardson

TE: O. Daniels

W/R: F. Gore

BN: A. Gates

BN: B. Myers

BN: R. Griffin III

BN: M. Williams

BN: E. Sanders

BN: S. Vereen

k: M. Nugent

DEF: Pittsburgh

I have a pretty good running and passing game but not much anywhere else, do you have any suggestions? Any possible trades I can make with maybe two of my players for a better receiver or tight end? Also about RG3, should i have him on the bench because of his knee or do you think i should start him? Thanks a lot guys it's much appreciated!

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    Start Matt Ryan because of the variety of weapons he has and he doesn't have a injury. I would trade Brandon Myers for a better WR if you have to throw in Emmanual Sanders.

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