Becoming Youtube partner?

I want to know how possibly someone can make money from youtube. I heard that you should be a partner. How? How many views you should get for your videos to become a partner?

Do you get paid by per view(how much)? or is a fixed price?

I mean i saw those ads before starting watching a video, do i get a portions of those ads or something?

I thought about it and by matching it to google pay-per-click, i realized that each click google charges between $0.05 - $0.15. So, if i get 1,000,000 views for example, then may be the ads return will be at lower end of $50,000. Assuming that google will keep half of it, then i may receive $25,000. That's a good money. But Is my calculation right?

Please correct me.. thanks alot

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  • 8 years ago
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    It's got really easy to become partner, you need to upload videos frequently and have at least 50 subscribers and youtube will send you a message saying your allowed to become partner. When you become partner you get ads appearing at the start of your videos and during. You only earn money each time someone clicks on your ad, which most of the time is accidental. You NEVER get paid per view. It's really hard to earn money being a youtube partner. You have like a $100 thresh hold you need to reach before youtube pays you your money. The amount of money you get per ad click is ridiculous too. I was partnered with youtube for 3 months and my total estimated earning were $1.60.

    However, depending on how popular your youtube account is you could get contacted by a different network. For example, if you do comedy videos, and network like AwesomenessTV could get in contact with you (or you can apply) and that's when you start earning cash, as they pay you per view. So it's a lot more easier.

    When you watch big youtubers, they're not partnered with youtube, they're most likely partnered with a different network.

    Source(s): Previous Youtube Partner and now partnered with a better network :-)
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    You just have to get enough viewers to view your videos all together. And you can also get people to subscribe to you so if you reach a number of viewers or subscribers, you'll become YouTube partners, although you'll have to join the partnership thing first. And one not so good and not so bad suggestion... you can keep on clicking your video, so you'll get more viewers and become partners. But probably the fair-est way to do this, is to just wait till they sub you or if they view your videos. So you can put up ads or handout fliers, tell people to view you, or make more videos! Hope it'll help

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    per 1,000,000 views you get 2000-8000 dollars

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