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Nickname for Sarah Elizabeth?

I don't really like my name (Sarah Elizabeth), because it's too common and everyone has it. I really want a nickname. (I don't want to go by Elizabeth because I don't like it very much either and I don't really like the nicknames for it, except Lisette and Beth, which I don't really think fit me very well.

I thought of going by Sele (Sei-lei) because it's the beginning of my name (S + El) and I like the way it sounds & looks. Are there any other ideas? I have dark blond hair and blue eyes and I'm tall and curvy-ish but people tell me I'm skinny (but I don't really believe them). I love to dance and sing and play sports (mostly girly sports, like skating, cheering, gymnastics, dance, swimming, soccer, etc.)

I love cheesy-happy things (butterflies, sunshine, romance, positivity).

What's a good nickname for me based on personality?

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    I actually like your name, but if you don't love it then a nickname will work wonders. I'm not too keen on Sele but a close name that's actually a given nickname for Sarah is Sally. I know it may not be your style but I have met some fun, spunky girls who went by it and it didn't seem out of place at all. I also think it sounds like it could fit your personality quite nicely. Sadie is another nickname for Sarah that you may like better. Hope this helps :)

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    Source(s): my brain :)
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    MOni is so cute name

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