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Anon asked in Cars & TransportationAircraft · 7 years ago

Future Concept Commercial aircraft project?

I am doing an Aeronautical Engineering MEng research project based on a new conceptual design, but I have spent ages trying to think of something that I know that I would enjoy doing. I originally wanted to do a brand new commercial aircraft that would achieve a 70% reduction in fuel usage, based on NASA's future concepts, but I was told by other classmates to avoid this as it is a very difficult thing to improve on. My others ideas included STOL commercial airliner and an airliner powered by liquid hydrogen, but there is no market for the former and the latter requires more research beyond my level since it would require proper analysis on future technology.I simply dont have time to do all that (we only have from Sept to Dec to carry out the research, and then hand in the project at the end of January). Any ideas guys?


Instead of the rude comments, I have been looking into ideas for months now, instead of playing "stupid" computer games.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Think about the developments that occurred recently, and why they may not make so much sense in the current airline climate and improve. This is an idea I just came up with.

    First, think about 30 years ago. Regional or feeder lines were mainly prop and short haul. As the new regional jets came about, they replaced those small planes but also allowed faster, longer flights with fewer passengers to fly to airports more frequently than a larger jet and yet still be profitable. You could either fly one 737 per day between Denver and Cincinnati, or several flights of CRJ-700. The downside of these regional jets only came apparent recently with the spike in fuel prices. What is needed now is the carrying capacity of the regional jets (in passenger load and frequency) but with lower fuel costs.

    Bombardier came up with their solution, the CSeries, but maybe the smaller 50 seat aircraft is still needed. Maybe take all the new materials and reintroduce the propfan again. You may not get 70% fuel savings but 20-30% or more might be achievable.

    If you do not want to design small, then solve the issue the A380s are having with cracks. Heavy jets with minimal numbers of daily takeoffs and landings (the main cause of airframe fatigue) should not have these cracks so soon, so maybe it was a Airbus design error, or just maybe these heavies need a conceptional redesign to minimize airframe stress. Change the way they takeoff and land with a "bounce".

    No matter what you think of, think of not only of your design, but why an airline executive would want to purchase your design.

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  • JetDoc
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    7 years ago

    Yeah... My idea is instead of playing stupid games on the computer, you actually get started on a project so you can complete it by December.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    if i had an idea i wouldn't tell you for free

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