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Would you accept this Trade?

Russell Wilson and Frank Gore for Peyton Manning and Eddie Lacy. I needed a better QB and have Jaamal Charles, DeAngelo Williams and Daryl Richardson already.

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    Peyton Manning is going off this year. He may be old but he has at least 1 good year left. Look at his targets this year! Welker and Thomas!

    Eddie Lacy is the lead man in Green Bay. Expect him to shoot out the gates. After years of no running game, Lacy can turn that around. Since the Packers have a nice passing offense, expect them to even out with rushes up the middle to keep the defense off their feet. Lacy is an explosive buster who isn't afraid.

    Frank Gore will have a fair year, so you should ship him. Kaepernick will probably keep on the Read Option plays, cause you know, the kid likes to run. They also will be passing more with Boldin. When Alex Smith was around, most of the times they had to go on the ground with Gore. Story changes now.

    Russell Wilson won't be doing as much work. Expect Marshawn Lynch to carry the Seahawks this year

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    Absolutely would. I'm not actually that high on Gore. They always save him for the playoffs. Lacy is the guy in GB. Take it. Do this for sure.

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    no Peyton is better than wilson and gore always gets hurt it is just hi way.

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    I would do the trade

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