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NFL: St. Louis Rams VS! ...opinions?

Rams fans,

Q 1. Which Rams side wins?

2013 St. Louis Rams (in home dark)


1999 St. Louis Rams (in alternate)

Note: For fair and obviousness, '99 Rams playing in THEIR 1999 physical condition.

Notable 1999 Rams starters: Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Az-Zahir Hakim, and Ricky Proehl.

Notable 2013 Rams starters: you already know 'em

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    uh.. seriously?

    99 Rams were Super Bowl champs.. '13 Rams will be lucky to win 4 games.

    Not a difficult decision.

    edit: not thinking the jersey matters either.

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    6 years ago

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