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Fantasy Football: RBs to pick up and state of my team, grade it.?

Hello. I play in a 12-team non-ppr league, standard yahoo scoring.

Here is my team, give it a grade and an honest opinion:

QB Tony Romo

WR Brandon Marshall

WR Demaryius Thomas

FLEX Marques Colston

RB Lesean McCoy

TE Jason Witten

DEF Seattle

K Greg Zurlein

RB2 Montee Ball

BN RB Ben Tate

BN RB Danny Woodhead

BN WR T.Y Hilton

BN WR Emmanuel Sanders

BN WR Deandre Hopkins

BN Kimbrell Tompkins

BN TE Zac Sudfeld

As for questions, I have been looking to pick up Kendall Hunter of the 49ers or Christine Michael of the Seahawks and hope that the starters go down so these guys can get a shot. Both of these guys are currently available as free agents in my league. I'm leaning towards dropping Woodhead as I'm not a fan of him or that San Diego team.

Also, what potential trade package could I offer to someone else in my league? My RB depth isn't great, thats my top priority.

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    I think Ben Tate is the best handcuff in the league right now... You shouldn't have to worry too much about picking up another, I think TY Hilton has some trade leverage on him if you're looking for another RB, as does marques colston.

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  • 7 years ago

    I'd give your team a B. might want to think about starting Hilton over Colston. I would also drop sense in keeping two TE's, or Woodhead and pick up Christine Michael.

    Source(s): Multiple Fantasy Football Championships
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