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Moving to Massachusetts! I have some questions.?

In a month on October 2nd me and my Mom are moving from Albany Oregon to Shrewsbury MA.

The thing is, I'm a senior in high school, 18 and never been out of Oregon. The reason were moving is for her job as a nurse because she has many nursing opportunities over there.

But my main concern is, what should I expect, such as weather, people, food, culture and everything else. What things would be go for me, as a guy, to do.

Anybody from the Northeast area particularly MA, please shed some light on this and elaborate as to what I should expect and what's to come. Are people more friendly than they are here in Oregon?

What things should I also do to adapt to MA's environment, it's people and entire way of life. I have a month. Thanks!

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  • 7 years ago
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    the first thing you need to know is that winters suck

    there is nothing good about winter in New England, it is long, cold (often so cold it hurts) ugly, and there is nothing to do

    he get these nasty a$$ nor'easters that suck, they could last for days and dump as much as 3 feet of snow (usually they are smaller)

    but enough about sh!tty winter

    Summers are usually nice and spring and fall are hit or miss (but almost always pretty)

    Shrewsbury is a nice place, not far from where you live, it has a great school system, the town has about 28,000 people and right nest to Worcester which has 180,000 people (second largest city in New England) Worcester itself is not bad and you'll probably like it

    the people are ok, just like anywhere else you will find good ones and bad ones, and New Englanders are usually a bit standoffish at first but will be friendly one they get to know you.

    Shrewsbury will be an ethnic mix

    and the state in general is not religious and politically liberal

    food is pretty good, you will find lots of ethnic foods and plenty of seafood

    driving here sucks, drivers are very aggressive

    there is a train that leaves from Worcester that will take you to Boston if you want

    there are some good beaches a little over an hour away, I usually go to Horseneck beach in Westport near the RI border, the beaches in southern MA and RI have much warmer water than those in northern MA or even the Boston area

    not sure where the kids party these days but you will find that out from your classmates

    plenty of shopping, restaurants, movies and mini golf in the area

    if you like outdoorsy stuff then you are close to Mount Wachusett, Purgatory Chasm and a few other state parks

    you can go boating in lake Quinsigamond

    there is a minor league hockey team in Worcester and plenty of major league sports in Boston (lots of other minor league sports in the area too)

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  • 7 years ago

    Welcome. I grew up here and love it. The winters are horrendous and we get what they call noreasters which is a storm coming with a mix of rain and snow from the north and east.

    We are pretty friendly here and welcome new people. I live in somerville and grew up there just outside fo Boston.

    There are lots of nursing opertunities here but they are hard to find because so many people work in that field. My mother is in that field and she got laid off and has been looking for work since Jan. It is tough out there. Mass general mass eye and ear and boston medical and new england medical are good hospitals.

    Get ready for wicked cold winters where we get lots of snow. The summers are great but they are a wet heat not a dry heat so hummidity is high in the summer. Spring and fall are nice you see fall leaves change. Spring can get some snow in the begining.

    We are big on sports here in Boston I am a huge red sox fan and love going to fenway.

    If you get a chance check out Boston for a day there is so much to do and you will love it here.

    MBTA is our public bus and train system that gets your around the city when you are here.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Born raised and still living in Boston.
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