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Fantasy team and trade?

Should I trade lynch, Freeman, and nicks for Vick, David Wilson, D. McFadden, and D. Bowe? Also let me know what u think of my team.

2 qbs, ppr, 2flex 

Cam Newton 

Josh Freeman

M. Lynch

M. Forte

 Aj green

 V. Jackson

 R. Wayne

 H. Nicks

 K. Rudolph



 M. Bush

 P. Rivers

 J. Nelson

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    Lots of moving pieces...lets break this down

    QB..Upgrade from Freeman to Vick, who could be massive this year or play in only 10 games

    RB-kind of a wash; slight downgrade from Lynch to Wilson but adding Run DMC who could be nice fill in. You would be fine with Bush, Forte and Wilson who could all be great in PPR set up, with Mcfadden on your bench. I like the added depth as well.

    WR-tough call...Nicks will be WR1 if he stays healthy. He is in a contract year so I think he will try to play through injuries(and he WILL be injured!). I think Bowe can have sneaky good year with best QB he has seen in years. Ill call this a draw. All in all, this looks like a good deal for you in a "play to win " move to get Vick. One thing I would do is see if there is a better option than Rivers if Vick gets hurt.

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